About the team

At present The Gardens Trust does not have a conservation officer working in Wales.
The work of the Conservation Department is co-ordinated by the Principal Conservation Officer, who reports to the Conservation Committee of the newly formed TGT. The Conservation Committee in turn reports to the Society’s Board of Trustees.

Contacting the Conservation Department, in England:

Enquiries for conservation officers, and statutory consultations (see below), should be sent to The Gardens Trust’s London office, marked for the attention of the Conservation Casework Manager:
Conservation Casework Manager
The Gardens Trust
70 Cowcross Street
London, EC1M 6EJ

Phone log: 07596 656 574

conservation@gardenhistorysociety.org *


We would ask you to note that all of The Gardens Trust‘s conservation officers are employed on a part-time basis, and while every effort will be made to respond to your enquiry within a reasonable time, we are sure that you will understand that in these circumstances, priority must be given to statutory consultations and to major cases.
Conservation officers attend many of The Gardens Trust’s events, and particularly the Conference and AGM where an illustrated report on the year’s work is given. These are good opportunities to meet the team in more informal circumstances.

* Please note that it will take a while to update our email addresses and old GHS ones will continue to reach our officers for the foreseeable future.