Conservation Publications

The GHS, now known as The Gardens Trust has developed a series of Planning and Conservation Advice Notes which provide information about the general planning framework in relation to historic designed landscapes, as well as more specific advice relating to the planning and conservation considerations when particular forms of development or change of use are being considered.

Issues covered include telecommunication developments, golf in historic landscapes, educational or institutional development, CCTV and lighting, and management plans.

You can download the complete set of notes or individual sections as listed below. All are in PDF format, and are currently being rewritten to bring them up to date with current legislation. We hope to post the newer versions soon.

TGT PCAN Introduction
PCAN 1: Change of Use (of landscape, and of principal and/or subsidiary buildings)
PCAN 2: Hotel and Leisure Development
PCAN 3: Extension of Educational/Institutional Establishments
PCAN 4: Executive Housing
PCAN 5: Golf
PCAN 6: Vehicle Parking and Access
PCAN 7: Treatment of Boundaries and Entrances
PCAN 8: Telecommunications Masts
PCAN 9: Development of Domestic Amenities
PCAN 10: CCTV and Lighting
PCAN 11: Development in the Setting of Historic Designed Landscape
PCAN 12: Evaluation of New Landscape Features
PCAN 13: Briefs for Historic Landscape Assessments
PCAN 14: Management Plans (including Statements of Significance)
PCAN 15: Play Facilities

1: Lists of subsidiary development generated by particular types of change
2: General Evaluation Checklist (All types development/all types landscape)
3: Planning Context

Digest of Planning Inquiries

The Gardens Trust maintains a digest of appeal decisions which relate to historic designed landscapes. This provides a useful insight into the way in which the Planning Inspectorate considers designed landscapes when reaching its decisions.

It is updated every six months and currently contains details of over 100 Inquiries — most, if not all, of those to affect historic parks and gardens since 1996. The Digest is organised by themes, such as ‘Walled Gardens’ or ‘Setting’, and includes relevant extracts from each decision.

The Digest is produced as a searchable pdf and can be obtained by contacting the The Gardens Trust at *
or by telephoning 020 7608 2409.

It costs £50, but is free to The Gardens Trust members, Gardens Trusts, Historic England, local authorities, and Heritage Link organisations.

* Pleases note (August 2015) that we are working on updating our emails, but the old ones will continue to work for some time yet.