Work in England

Statutory consultations

Since 1995, The Garden History Society has been a statutory consultee in relation to planning proposals which affect historic designed landscapes identified by English Heritage as being of national significance, and which are included on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England.
This means that the Government directs that when a planning authority receives a planning application which affects a site on the Register, or the setting of such a site, the planning authority must consult The Garden History Society. This applies to registered sites of all grades.
In addition, English Heritage must be consulted where a planning proposal affects a site which is included on the Register at Grade I or Grade II*.

Policy consultations

The Society responds to Government consultations on national policy issues, such as the recent Draft Heritage Protection Bill and the proposed revision of Planning Policy Guidance Note 15.
The Society is also consulted by local authorities when developing their Local Development Frameworks and Regional Spatial Strategies, to ensure that appropriate policies for the protection of historic designed landscapes are included within the planning system.

Consultations relating to non-registered sites

We receive some consultations relating to sites which are not included on the English Heritage Register.  In some cases it will be possible for us to provide appropriate advice. In other cases, however, we do not have sufficient information about the site concerned, and in these cases we will seek to work with the relevant County Garden Trust to address the issue.

General Enquiries

During the year we receive many enquiries of a more general nature. We make every effort to respond to these enquiries, but sometimes, especially at particularly busy periods, this may take some time as statutory consultations and policy consultations must take priority.
If you are sending an enquiry relating to a particular site, please try to provide as much information as possible — especially if the site concerned is not included on the Register.