Alicia Amherst

Posted on March 5th, 2013 by Charles Boot
Nov ’13
10:00 am

Alicia Amherst
Autumn Study Day

Friends House, Euston, London
Saturday 9 November

A study day to examine the life and times of Alicia Amherst, (aka The Hon. Mrs Evelyn Cecil) at The Friends Meeting House, opposite Euston Station on Euston Road, central London.

Alicia AMherst portrait

Amherst can be rightly described as the founder of Garden History in this country with the publication in 1895 of A History of Gardening in England, but many other publications from her pen followed, including Wild Flowers of the Great Dominions of the British Empire, since she travelled globally with her husband. She contributed to horticultural charitable work and was deeply concerned with opportunities for women in horticulture.

After the First World War Amherst’s work was rivalled by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde with several publications preceding her Story of the Garden in 1932. She was the only garden historian up to her time who was also a practising horticulturalist, for several years running a commercial herb farm.

Our study day aims to examine the work and purpose of these two pioneers as well as the position of women in horticulture at the time, which was of concern to both of them in different ways, and the state of herb growing in gardens in the early part of the 20th century. A critical evaluation of botanical illustration with particular reference to the work of Amherst brings the day to its conclusion.

The day will be chaired by Barbara Simms, our journal editor.
Speakers are Sue Minter on Alicia Amherst: The Well-Connected Gardener;
Dr Catherine Horwood on Women and Horticulture in the early 20th Century;
Dr Brent Elliott on Eleanor Sinclair Rohde: gardener, garden historian and herbalist;
Caroline Holmes on Well-Connected Herbs: a taste for refined horticultural and culinary pursuits;
and Meriel Thurston on The importance of botanical illustration, with particular reference to the works of Alicia Amherst.

The cost of the day is £65, including lunch and other refreshments, £50 for students with appropriate papers.

For further information see the Booking Form or contact Gwenneth Heyking

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