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Cowden Japanese Garden, Dollar, Clackmannanshire

Posted on March 17th, 2010 by Charles Boot
Alison Allighan writes:

Cowden Japanese Garden; Kasuga and snow-scene shape lanterns, stepping stones, and Corean [sic] costume, an image made by Miss Christie, 1909(?) (by kind permission of Dollar Museum)

Cowden Japanese Garden; an image made by Miss Christie, 1909(?) (by kind permission of Dollar Museum)

Following on from our visit last November (2008) we returned to the Japanese garden in late spring to assess the level of survival of some of the ornamental planting, with foliage and flowers more evident. Overall it was concluded that, apart from a few individual specimens of Acer, Rhododendron and conifers, very little of the original planting has survived. However, with the good photographic record of the garden, a series of vertical aerial photographs recording changes in the garden from the mid 1940s to the end of the 20th century, and with Sir Robert Stuart’s personal memories of the garden, it should be possible to reinstate some of the general layout and planted features of the garden. We are hoping to meet him again later this month (August 2009) to discuss future management and the possibility of a limited restoration project. Hopefully this will provide a framework within which some of the more detailed elements may be restored in the future.

August 2009

Dollar Museum

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