Study Day at Heythrop Park

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 by Charles Boot
May ’10
10:30 am

Study Day at Heythrop Park,
Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

10am for 10.30, Tuesday 11 May

In August 2009, Nick Owen and John Phibbs of Debois Landscape Survey Group held a workshop to see whether there was any interest in reviewing ideas about planting in 18th century gardens. It was called ‘The trouble with shrubs’. The response of those invited was a clear yes to the review, only muted by puzzlement about the nature of the trouble.

This day is designed as an introduction to June’s Painshill Conference (see page 33 of GHS NEWS 85), organised by the Painshill Trust. Heythrop is a special site where new ideas about planting were being developed before the term ‘shrubbery’ had even been invented (a fuller description of the significance of Heythrop can be found on pages 16 to 20 of GHS NEWS 85).

Registration will be from 10am at Heythrop (Park) which is now a very comfortable hotel. The programme, which may be altered by the weather, will start at 10.30 with talks about the landscape and the research that John Phibbs and Nick Owen have undertaken at Heythrop.

A shorter walk to the Cold Bath Terrace and the Grand Avenue before lunch in the hotel will be followed after lunch by a much longer walk: through the Little Wilderness to the bottom of the South Avenue, from the Great Wilderness, Kite Grove, the Archer bridge and back to the Bowling Green. We shall pass along the Serpentine Walk which, according to John, is ‘on its own worth the money of any shrubo-mane’. Examples of layered shrubbery, coppice, open and closed groves, all from an Italianate design, are still legible, even though it may require an expert eye to point them out to the less observant. The afternoon will end with tea in the hotel

The price is £60 per person.
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For further information please contact
L Kilborn:
or A Richards: 01432 354 479

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