Study Day on Brookwood Cemetery

Posted on March 7th, 2011 by Charles Boot
Sep ’11
10:00 am

Study Day on Brookwood Cemetery
London’s Necropolis: a perfect place of rest

The Association of Gardens Trusts and Surrey Gardens Trust’ in association with the GHS

10am to 4pm, Saturday 17 September

Brookwood Cemetery, Woking, opened in 1854, was upgraded to Grade I status on the Register in 2009 and its future is at risk. It deserves more recognition and support to enable the gradual deterioration of many of the monuments to be slowed, repaired and restored to their former condition.

Its exceptional historic and artistic influence will be explored in three morning talks: John Clarke, archivist of Brookwood Cemetery,  on The Landscape of Brookwood CemeteryRoger Bowler, Head of Designation at English Heritage, on Sepulchres and Statues: the Tombs of Brookwood cemetery; and Jonathan Lovie, GHS Principal Conservation Officer, on Affliction Brightened by Hope: the evolution of the English cemetery landscape.

Brookwood Cemetery’s huge size (150 hectares) means that we will be selective in what we visit, in order to obtain a broad view of how it was used in the 19th century and how it relates to the 21st century. Brookwood still has its own station and can be reached direct from Waterloo, but this is closed at the weekend! However Woking Station is only 4 minutes away and trains do run there on Saturdays.

For further information, please contact the Co-ordinator at the AGT or: 020 7251 2610

Please download the Booking Form which contains more information about this event

Cost: £47 including coffee, buffet lunch and tour of the cemetery

This is the correct date, not the one advertised in our spring newsletter.

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