Study Day on John Evelyn and the Sayes Court site

Posted on November 28th, 2011 by Charles Boot
Apr ’12
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Study Day on John Evelyn
and the Sayes Court site

11am to 7pm, Wednesday 25 April

The Society, with London Parks and Gardens Trust, is holding a Study Day at the Linnean Society and the site of John Evelyn’s home at Sayes Court, Deptford.

Convoys Wharf, a site in Deptford covering the former location of both John Evelyn’s renowned 17th-century garden and Henry VIII’s Dockyard, is currently the subject of a planning application showing scant regard for its history (see Tim Richardson’s article in micro-news 88a). Together with concerned local residents, the GHS and LPGT are therefore seeking to bring to the attention of our members, the authorities and the wider public the historic importance of the garden and the present dangers to its site.

Lectures will be given at the Linnean Society (from 11 to 3.30pm) on the significance, plan and planting of the garden; Evelyn’s scientific interests as a founder-member of the Royal Society; the history of the garden after his day; and current threats and opportunities. Speakers include: Roo Angell, Robert Bagley, Gillian Darley, Dr Frances Harris, Professor Michael Hunter, Professor Mark Laird, Jonathan Lovie and Dr Jan Woudstra.

At Deptford there will be a tour of the site and a summary of the day from Tim Richardson, at the Master Shipwright’s House, followed by a discussion and drinks. A small exhibition about the garden, with a model, will be on view.

There is an article on ‘The Garden of John Evelyn at Deptford’ by Prudence Leith-Ross in Garden History 25:2, Winter 1997, available from our printer, or through JSTOR.

We will travel between Embankment and Deptford by riverboat to Greenwich (£6 and reductions) and taxi. Please bring your travel card, Oyster or Freedom Pass.

Venues: The Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, from 11am, and afterwards at the Sayes Court site and The Master Shipwright’s House, Deptford, from 5 to 7pm. Unfortunately we are unable to serve lunch or coffee at the Linnaean Society, but they are easy to find nearby. The price includes taxi travel between Greenwich and Deptford and light refreshments at the Master Shipwright’s House. There are frequent trains back from Deptford Station (5 minutes’ walk from the Master Shipwright’s House) to central London.

Cost: £48. Download a Booking Form
or contact Pamela Paterson
or Katy Myers: 0208 340 7623

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