Blogging about our Delightful Plantations

Posted on April 13th, 2012 by Gary Webb

As grounds manager to the Lancelot Brown landscape at Compton Verney, I not only have to care and develop the grounds, but also help promote its use and reputation. We have a first class marketing department who promote the property as a whole, and whilst the visitors, staff and supporters are all behind the landscape and appreciate its many qualities, I do feel a degree of responsibility is mine to shout about the landscape and continue its promotion in any way possible.

Two of the methods I choose in promotion of the Compton Verney landscape are through blogging and Twitter. Creating blog posts allows me to focus on specific aspects of the garden, the landscape, individual plants and so on, and the time spent pulling the articles together helps in my own education and understanding. Twitter is somewhat different in that it allow one to post ‘tweets’ which are up to 140 characters in length, and can include photographs and or links to websites. Using these forms of social media helps me to communicate with anyone and everyone who shares a similar interest. Various professional and amateur people follow me and read my posts, and my growing network of people is very easy to contact.

Whilst I don’t think blogging or tweeting is ideal as a sales tool, it does offer much in terms of connecting with people who may share an interest in any given field. If therefore you have a garden whose profile needs raising, I’d suggest looking to blog or tweet. If you have garden staff, encouraging them to engage in social media can help them to develop contacts and, if managed properly can help in raising the profile of your garden or project. I believe it is a fantastic way to connect with potential visitors and supporters. It is however only effective if the individuals engage with this medium effectively – it isn’t for everyone and needs time to understand – I’m still learning after three years!

Many people are beginning to blog and tweet now, and there are many fascinating conversations to be had. It’s not a fad and is set to continue growing and evolving, and as a garden focused chap, I find its use fascinating. I can tweet a photo from my mobile camera in a few seconds, and can therefore tell my followers of the first flower to open, the progress on an interesting project for example, or even provide a link to my latest blog post.

If you’ve been wondering what twitter, blogging or social media is all about, do take a look at my latest blog post by following link below, which will take you to my free blog or website. Blogger – my chosen site offers a host of individual posts and self taken photographs about gardens and much more. You can even connect with me through twitter via my blog. It is self edited, so please forgive any mistakes, but do take a look, and it would be lovely to hear from you, or even your gardeners!

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