Brown celebrations

Posted on December 11th, 2012 by stephenha

In 2016 we have the tri-centenary of Lancelot Brown. It is hoped that all the owners of Browns surviving landscapes will throw open their garden gates and allow people to walk the landscape and admire the still rather bland contrivances he created. Most people see a Brown landscape when they play golf on a Sunday morning as his landscapes lend themselves to this other form of sanitised scene and didn’t take a great deal of changing!

The author is no fan of Brown, the words of Uvedale Price always come to mind when his name is heard, ‘’at least the other improvers made changes away from the house unlike Brown who left his accursed slime wherever he went’’.

Brown has to be credited with being (unlike Repton) the perfect all round ‘landscaper’ running his sites well and keeping full integrity in the implementation of his designs. The misconception that he only ever planted small trees and planted only for the future needs addressing as Brown moved mature trees to create an instant mature scene. After all his patrons were not going to wait!

I only hope that we do not go ‘Brown’ mad for the next few years and look at what Brown achieved in context. After all what celebrations do we lavish on Bridgeman or Kent, in the authors opinion far more deserving of praise.

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