Climate Change and Your Home

Posted on April 1st, 2009 by Sian Jones

To help further understanding about the ways climate change impacts on houses of traditional construction built before the Second World War English Heritage has developed a website for home-owners called Climate Change and Your Home.

The website will be used as the main conduit through which much of English Heritage’s knowledge and technical guidance on climate change will be disseminated to homeowners. In addition to clearly signposted and easily digestible information and advice on climate change impacts, for instance wetter winters and hotter summers, the site provides advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of traditionally constructed houses. The information on period homes also includes gardens.

The energy efficiency part of the site includes a section on when micro-renewable technologies can be considered and how to install them. A key feature of the website is the way information can be tailored to the user’s chosen house period and location so that specific (as well as generic) advice about the way homes of different periods of construction might behave in a changing climate and where and how improvements to energy efficiency might be made.

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