Construction of 19th Century Park Features?

Posted on April 1st, 2007 by Sian Jones

Regula Gubler of the Archaeological Unit of the Canton of Thurgau, Switzerland, says:

“We are excavating parts of the park at Arenenberg (on the shores of Lake Constance, Switzerland) in order do restore it to its 19th century glory. It is not a overly grand park design, but as the home of Queen Hortense of the Netherlands from her exile from France in 1819 until her death in 1837 and the childhood-home of Napoleon III, Arenenberg has a greater historical significance.

Our particular points of interest at this point in time are (1) so-called ‘ermitages’ or ‘hermitages’ and their construction. In the case of Arenenberg it seems to be wood (one bad photo). (2) path construction (techniques) especially on steep slopes, possibly raised from the ground (3) tuff-clad entrances to profance garden structures (e.g. ice store) and generally tuff-clad grottos.”

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