Garden Seating at Abergavenny Castle

Posted on June 19th, 2005 by Sian Jones

Rachael Rogers (on behalf of Abergavenny Local History Society) writes: ‘Abergavenny Local History Society is currently planting an area of Abergavenny Castle grounds in a Victorian style (the grounds were planted as pleasure gardens during the late 19th century).  It is a small area which opens up into a ‘squashed’ circular shape at the bottom of a path, which is planted either side.

We are in discussion with local craftspeople to produce, two curved benches/seats, one to go on each side.  We would like to be able to send potential designers pictures of typical Victorian seating which they could use to inform their design.  Budget restraints may mean we use wood rather than iron, but at this stage we are considering both.  We would be grateful for any suggestions on designs to incorporate/avoid to ensure historical accuracy and if there are any illustrations which we can obtain fairly easily as an aide memoire.’

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