Landscape Observatory of Catalonia

Posted on September 24th, 2008 by Sian Jones

The Landscape Observatory of Catalonia(Observatori del Paisatge) has created a new section in its website, dedicated to outstanding heritage trees that have become part of our collective landscape heritage. It is the “Outstanding heritage trees” dossier.

Unfortunately, the number of outstanding heritage trees that can be seen today is lower than desirable. The growth of urban development, the expansion and construction of new infrastructures, and changes in the management of rural areas, have not always paid due respect to these trees that become true symbols of the territory.

The objective of the dossier, which can be read in Catalan, Spanish, English and French, is to provide information on the existence and on the ecological, historical and symbolic significance of outstanding heritage trees in landscapes all around the world.

The dossier also aims to collect, classify, arrange and make easily available to the public initiatives, centres, institutions, news and books on the subject of outstanding heritage trees in Catalonia and on an international scale. In short, the dossier is intended to become a reference point in Internet on the subject of outstanding heritage trees, both for specialised individuals and for the general public , and it will grow and be updated regularly.

It has to be noticed that the dossier includes only those institutions, centres and initiatives that have an active website. Unfortunately, this criterion inevitably excludes other interesting sources of information regarding outstanding heritage trees which is not available through the net.

This new dossier joins the existing dossier on drystone landscapes by the Landscape Observatory, which since its creation has seen its content grow thanks to the valuable contribution of institutions, organisations and individuals.

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