Thomas Madeley

Posted on April 1st, 2009 by Sian Jones

June McCarthy says: “In the 1800s, (pre 1832), my great grandfather x4 Thomas Madeley was reportedly a gardener at Liverpool Botanic Gardens. He came from Ruabon , Clwyd and was in the patronage of Sir William Wakins Wynn.

There is an old article written about him, (only initialled by an unknown author), indicating that he worked at Liverpool Botanic Garden in the early 1800s and on various other estates, including a period where he worked as head gardener at Alnwick , Northumberland. I do not know if this account is accurate. I wonder if any keen garden historians can tell me if they have come across the name Thomas Madley in connection with estate gardens?

Can anyone confirm that he was a gardener at the Botanic gardens, does anyone have or know of any records I might consult wherein I may find Thomas Madeley mentioned?

As far as plants are concerned I know his favourite was Lavender , as he used this as a pen name.”

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