Thyme Garden at St Fagans Castle

Posted on April 21st, 2009 by Sian Jones

We have recently restored the Thyme Garden at St Fagans Castle.

The Garden was first laid out around 1900.

The garden is composed of a series of flower beds divided by narrow paths made up of interlocking geometrically cut sandstone slabs with raised sandstone edgings. The inside surface of these edging stones are smooth cut while the outside edge is rough cut, we believe that this was because the main paths which are now limestone chippings were originally planted with Thyme so you would not have seen the rough stone edges. We also believe that the beds were planted with individual plants and herbs.

There is an early photograph of the garden as described, unfortunately know lost.

In the later half of the 20C the Thyme was removed from the main paths and the beds were planted with herbs, becoming known as the Herb Garden.

We think that the Head Gardener at this time was Huw Pettigrew.

Would any of your members be able to help me in finding either written or photographic evidence of the early garden? I have searched the St Fagans Museum Archive and The National Library of Wales and the Register of Parks & Gardens in Wales with no luck.

Kind Regards
Alun Teagle

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