Verhulst Statuary

Posted on January 27th, 2010 by dingwall

THE VINE, CHERUBSOn a recent garden visit here in Scotland, I was shown three rather robust putti, approximately one metre in height which would appear to be copies or casts in artificial stone. Their bases bear the clear imprint “R:VERHULST.A.I”. One of the figures has snakes coiled at his feet, the second appears to be holding a censer suspended on a chain, while the third clutches a book and a cornucopia and is backed by a collection of navigational instruments including an astrolabe, cross-staff and dividers. The three figures formed part of a sculptural scheme in a Scottish villa garden, laid out in the 1830s. I should be interested to know whether any members have come across similar sculptures, or other works bearing the same name or imprint. Also, what is the significance of the suffix A.I. after the name ? Any suggestions would be welcome.

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