Victorian Fern Specialists

Posted on March 3rd, 2010 by M J Riley

Dear Sirs,

I am most interested in a Victorian Fern Specialists, that was one once operating in this Parish, by the name of W. and J. Birkenhead. I have read a copy of the 1983 Journal Volumne 11.1 in which there is a feature headed “W. AND J. BIRKENHEAD ‘FERNS A SPECIALITY’ by N. A. Hall – 1983”

I wonder if anyone knows how I may contact “N. A. Hall” or indeed has any information about W. and J. Birkenhead, of Sale, Cheshire. If so please I can be contact on 0161-969-2795 and address below.

May I thank readers most sincerely for their kind help.

Michael J. Riley
Parish Archivist
for St. Paul’s Parish Church
Springfield Road, Sale, Cheshire.
Tel: 0161-969-2795
Postal Address:
Tralawney House
78 School Road
Cheshire M33 7XB

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